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Truck Pull Warren Fair - Warren Agricultural Society

2023 Rules & Regulations


1. Initial starting weight for the draw will be sled plus two (2) stones, approximately total weight of 2,160 lbs. Two (2) stones (800 lbs) will      be added after each truck has pulled.

2. All pulls must be made with a tight chain and truck centered on stone boat.

3. Pull distance is 15 feet, two attempts allowed in a straight line.

4. Whistle will be given when distance has been made, and truck should come to a gentle stop.

5. Maximum of two (2) people in any vehicle, including driver.

6. Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited by all competitors before and during the competition. Violators will be expelled from the        pull (no refund given).

7. In all cases, the decisions of the pull officials are final.

8. Trucks must be properly plated and insured, and drivers must be licensed.


Waiver Read carefully before signing: The undersigned of this waiver of Warren Agricultural Society does hereby agree that they have read, do understand and agree to abide by all rules of this event. I, the undersigned, also acknowledge the risk of injury to my person and/or property while participating in truck pull events. I will rely on my own judgment and ability while participating in this event and assume all risks of injury or damage to vehicle or parts of vehicle arising out of such participation. I will not bring legal action against or make any claim against the Warren Agricultural Society or to any organizers or volunteers of the event as a result of such participation. I, the undersigned, also agree that all documents, form, and photos taken are copyright materials of the Warren Agricultural Society. I will obey all of Ontario’s laws pertaining to trucks and their use. 

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